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Brazil "Happiness - we're all in it together". simply the best.

Apocalypse Now Well, obviously...

John Landis (sigh) does the best iconic movies of all times, and starts sucking....sad

Dogma religiously funny.

Twelve Monkeys Terry Gilliam had it. lost it. hope he gets it back....

Spartan Where is the girl? Val Kilmer with an exceptional performance.

Rosencrantz &

What Shakespeares characters do, while off stage

The Big Lebowski

"I know that guy, he's a Nihilist!" and heaven's a bowling alley

Local Hero The story of someone, who almost managed to behave like a human being.
He came to screw good folk and got screwed in his own way, beautiful.
...and the soundtrack... Mark Knopfler... (sigh)

Pulp Fiction guess everything's been said about this one...
Quentin, get a hold of yourself!

A boy and his Dog Don Johnson in the early days and another type of happy end.

The Quiet Earth not spoiling it....

Blackadder gets perpetually screwed accross the ages

Gorky Park A great movie made, based on a great book - What a concept!
The beginning of Arkadi's journey, trading one corrupt aperatus for many more to come along the way.
Revealing the truth becomes the ultimate act of cruelty.
The hotel scene...a thing of sheer beauty

Peep Show The inner workings of the british alien

Scrubs humour frequently taking a turn for the absurd and surreal. too little of this out there.

Red Dwarf First Episode is titled "The End". Smells like someone has been smoking from Douglas Adams stash.

Futurama The TV Series that simply wouldn't die, has hard as Fox tried. "The Farnsworth Parabox" is one of the single screwiest things i've seen on TV. Season 5, the year it was canceled by Fox, had overall some of the most intelligent TV ever. Walked into the first ever Episode, fittingly via a (probably illegal) Stream on a Tradeshow in Berlin, 1999 after hours, with a crowd of fellow geeks.
1999, Video Streaming. Uuuuuuuuhhhhh.....

QI Hillarious fun with Stephen Fry, you can find it on Youtube, not sure if legal thought...

The Daily Show A smart man on TV, seemingly speaking his mind. Somone must have gotten fired over this...
Jon seems to get more preachy lately, maybe 'cause he desperatly tries to fight for the USs soul...

John Landis Not sure if i will Ever forgive him for "Blues Brothers 2000". Mitigating factors are of course, my most ever seen the original Blues Brothers and An American Werewolf in London

The Beach couple of young folks vs. reality - guess who wins

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Hillarious play with the medium. One of the last movies to suck me in and spit me out the other end.
trucksized plothole towards the end, but what the heck! Great cinema.

Martin Scorcesse Shitload of movies, none of them suck...like everyone else i think goodfellas is da best.

Shameless Gotta love the gallaghers. They finally let William H. Macey play someone else but the timid white collar guy and a grand cast overall.

The Newsroom seems like someone listened to Jon Stewart, the antidote to Fox News is not a left wing equivalent, but finally the news done right. Too bad it was only a screenwriter, well at least it was Sorkin, coming up yet again with a beautiful pipedream, just as the West Wing...
too bad he seemed to have too little time for the first season, recycled a lot of lines of it...

Dharma & Greg man, was that thing funny....S01Ep17, the olympic episode and S01Ep22 are epic - "But captain, my captain. duck does not rhyme..."     who wouldn't fall in love with Dharma...sigh....     Chuck Lorre before he destroyed his rep with 2 and a half men.... whatever happened to dottie dartland....

Grace under Fire Brett Butler playing down to earth, ah...thats where dottie came from...

Paris, Texas Harry Dean Stanton , when somebody still trusted him to do a leading part, these days they only got the balls to cast him for side characters best part about it is probably ry cooders soundtrack. Perfect Music to drive through a desert to...
Main Theme "Dark was the night", one of the greatest pieces of music ever written, by Blind Willie Johnson... to (loosely) quote from the West Wing "...he died pennyless, covered in newspapers in the ruins of his burned down house, but now his music is leaving the solar system..."

Damages Hollysh it! What a ride! Female Bloodsport. Masterfull Misleads, Supreme Storytelling. Something that finally deserves to be called a thriller. One of the Alltime best series.

One Season Wonders As if needed, further evidence of idiocy in network tv executives. Only the Simpsons seem to get away moking them...
Terriers best themesong ever Robert Duncans - Gunfight Epiphany for once quoting a critic
(sorry, forgot who) "Just when i thought it was save to watch tv..."

The Middleman obscure wordplay, insane comicy plots and on occasion "as serious as a german filmfestival.."

Firefly well, browncoated cowboys, escaping "Zivilisation" in their rickedy spaceship. nough said?
leading ultimatly to serenity including one of my favourite shot ever, an armada of spaceships apearing out of the fog

God knows Don't read the Bookcover, don't follow the links, don't read the following. Just read the book and be surprised

How not to spoil it...? Joseph Heller writing out of the view of someone with a unique perspective on God and Religion. you probably gotta be jewish to write a hillarious book like that. Christians go to hell for that kinda crap.

The Long Goodbye My Book. Still to be made a decent movie off (yes, it was Altmann, but still...)
Raymond Chandler is the first one to be genetically reproduced. More Marlowe pls.

Stephen King The Man who taught me (real) english ("holly, jumpin' jesus!")
lodges himself in his characters brains and pilots them masterfully. Sort of lost him...

Douglas Adams How rude of him to die so early. Also lost him, must be an age thing....

Havanna Bay Marlowes russian son, Arkady Renko in the Tropics. Where the hell is the movie?
Martin Cruz Smith and of course there's

Gilbert Shelton Be it the those Faboulus Furry Freak Brothers (the most ingenious violation
of the comics code), "WonderWartHog" or "Not Quite Dead" Humour has rarely that many levels

Ennio Morricone
One of the people that haunt me in a good way, on numerous times i heard a really good piece of music and looked into who was behind it, and yeah...there he is again, just like

Herbie Hancock
knocked my socks of in adolescent days (well, are they really ever over?) with Rockit , and again and again comes around when looking in tunes that ring a bell

William Shatner
Has Been to present day
Shatner - The most endearing piece of blubber on the planet.
absolutetly magnificient the version of pulps common people.

The Blanks
You got no chance, so use it. Bunch a guys, calling in all chits, seemingly. Just they got some beautiful to distribute. don't correct me if i'm wrong pls
Well, ya, they gotta pay rent too...

the usual CCR, The Pogues, Chumbawumba, Stones, Eminem1, Amy Winehouse
1the nth incarnation of the angry young man
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